Anyone can take a photo,
but not everyone can make a flipbook!
get flipped.

What is Vancouver Flipbook?
We are the premier alternative to the photo booth! We are the most exciting entertainment option for your wedding, corporate event, or any type of party you can think of.
How it works
You and your friends grab some props and go crazy for six seconds, and minutes later, you walk away with your very own keepsake, custom made for you on the spot.
We offer flat per hour pricing. It doesn't matter how many guests you have at your party, nor how many books they want to make! Please see the Packages page for more info.

People are still talking about the extreme fun everyone (children and adults alike) had using the props and making the skits...


Vancouver Flipbook went above and beyond my expectations by sending us the raw footage and offered to reprint some more of the books.


Forget photo booths, Vancouver Flipbook provides the next generation of event photos in timeless flipbook motion!


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